• John Hicks

You MUST Comply or you all WILL DIE!!!...Really???

Is it really a matter of safety or is it about control?

Some out there are quite aggressive about proselytizing the WHO and CDC's unscientific gospel of "you must comply or you all will die".

Case in point is Alyssa Milano, herself an outspoken apologist for the blind herd mentality. She has proven herself quite the SJW but is now crying over being positive for the CCP-19 bugger herself.

Wait, I thought the commands from the "authorities" were supposed to protect us from this plandemic...

Alyssa Milano defends wearing crochet face mask:


Alyssa Milano tests positive for coronavirus:


A statistic I would truly love to see is how many of the plethora or supposed positive tests (noted credulity is due to the plethora (yes I keep using that word and I do know what it means) of testing mistakes or purposed hyperinflation as well as bogus interpretations such as noting deaths as "died from" rather than the more accurate "died with"....but I digress...) were of people who followed the commands from the WHO and CDC and their political heroes (sorry, I meant zeroes). I say this because lately these stories are coming out more and more. Case in point also, Congressman Louie Gohmert. What is very interesting about his story is that the news is twisting it completely online. There are tons of articles about him not wearing masks and ridiculing him for that but none that I can find so far actually and accurately report his story as I heard on the radio from a local northeast Texas station. He literally stated that he did start wearing masks several weeks prior to actually testing positive and it was not until he started wearing the masks that he did test positive. The life-cycle (yeah, I know viruses are technically not alive but...the word fits for what I am saying here...) of the virus as we supposedly know it and in relation to the testing process dictates that he could not have acquired said bugger until he was actually donning the proverbial sign of submission, AKA the "you must comply or you all will die" mask.

His account of the testing was that is the rapid test tested positive but then they followed up with the deeper test where they mine the dark recesses of the nasal cavity and that one showed positive as well.

This is interesting because many rapid tests are being used to inflate the total CCP-19 bugger numbers but more and more we are seeing examples of the test actually showing negative but the nose picking method is showing positive as in the case of Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine:


The more one digs for the truth the more it becomes apparent that this is all not a matter of public safety but it is all about control. Once the dust settles the truth will shock many as they wake up in a state of communism which they most likely thought not to long ago that this could never happen to me (us)...

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