• John Hicks

Piecing it all together...

I am wondering if Chauvin had deep debts owed, terminal illness, etc. Wondering if there was immunity granted at some deep level that we are not privy to seeing. If Chauvin does end up in jail, he will not last a day. I say this because the excessive abuse of force went longer than reason would dictate. Well after it was obvious that needless death would occur Chauvin really appeared to be taking a photo op of it for the world to see.

Or was the death needless?

To most moral beings it was needless for sure but to some with ulterior motives driven by wicked agendas, perhaps not so much...

There has been a gradual buildup of this demise of our society since 9/11 (Patriot Act and other liberty limiting measures) through 2008 (purposed money supply bloating with unsustainable markets bursting and other economically destructive mechanisms in play (QE, etc.)) through to today that continues to increase towards the destruction of all foundations in place.

Well actually the demise started centuries upon centuries before this time, but we are certainly at a turning point in history if there ever was one. There always seemed to be hope but now that option is further away than ever in my memory as well as any time that I can recall in the history of the world as I have studied it.

After the dust of destruction has settled all semblance of conservatism would be eradicated from politics and society and in its place, we would be left with a socialistic foundation from which the elite could then build upon.

This has been the enemy's (Satan and sinful men) goal (communism, fascism, socialism, whatever godless "ism" you can think of...) from the beginning and it has failed several times along the way (or has it?) giving way to the need for a more fabianistic approach.

I am certain that those driving got either impatient or they saw a break and just took it.

The break may have come after BLM and other godless racist and socialist ideologies gathered momentum around and post-Ferguson, et al.

It then makes sense, in light of agendas in place, to test mass societal blind obedience (masks, social distancing, house arrests, etc.) as well as increasing the fire to complete the economic collapse which would be necessary to do in order to destroy all things Christian, conservative, capitalistic, etc.

Now the final nail is attempting to be driven in and that through the wicked chaos that is before us.

Is there a way out?

I certainly hope there is but in the meantime, we must pray fervently and prepare to help our families and others regardless what the outcome is.

Souls need saving for God's kingdom.

This kingdom on earth will soon be ultimately destroyed but not by sinful rioters but by the One true righteous Judge of all the earth.

He will rebuild it all to His righteous specs.

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