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An assessment of the current and pending economic situation and the underlying issues at play.

.I really hope you all will read this through and give it genuine consideration and then share it to as many people as possible.

This will provide a real look under the covers of the Federal Reserve and help us all to learn more of the truth of this wicked scheme that is deceitfully called “The FED (Federal Reserve, is not Federal nor are there any true reserves. They are a private group of banks, more further below)”. This should help get a reasonable idea of the reality of what is to come...

What is happening today is real. While the injection of the recent TRILLIONS of dollars into the economy may provide an “empty calorie” effect of apparent recovery this will certainly be short lived. The inflation and other failures, banks, unemployment, loss of GDP, etc., will decimate the economy in the near future and this is closer than anyone will care to admit in the MSM and government sectors. In fact they generally ignore it so that is why I am putting this together. What we ought to know about how things actually work within the economy should absolutely concern every citizen of the US. We have been dumbed down to the point where begging for handouts from the FED seems to be a reasonable thing…but its not…

This following will highlight the dangers of submitting to the whims of a bug and bowing to the FED in the process…What I mean by this is the knee-jerk, overreacting policies stemming from this virus that are being forced upon the citizenry and the detrimental impact these absolutely will have on the economy both here in the US and abroad.

"M2 money supply only surged like this one other time in history. October 2008. We’ve yet to hear of institutions failing." – Bill Holter


FYI: The M2 is one of the mechanisms, but not the best really, that is used to track the money supply as generated by the FED. Keep in mind this process of creating dollars is one that is "sleight of hand" in that it is presents itself as legitimate but under the covers it is merely steps of complex accounting tricks in order to produce the monies out of thin air versus anything of tangible value. There are sites out there which monitors these things more diligently and through more objective lenses versus the "official" lenses motivated by men behind the curtain, if you will...

See: http://www.shadowstats.com/alternate_data/money-supply-charts

"The Fed ceased publishing M-3, its broadest money supply measure, in March 2006. The SGS M-3 Continuation estimates current M-3 based on ongoing Fed reporting of M-3’s largest components (M-2, institutional money funds and partial large time deposits) and proprietary modeling of the balance. See the Money Supply Special Report for full definitions…Changes in money supply have implications both for domestic economic activity and inflation..."

FYI, the reasoning behind the FED discontinuing the M-3 was that it cost too much at $1 Million a pop. This is not a legitimate excuse due to the fact that that money can be made available to themselves by themselves and the costs, just as every other dollar that is created by the FED, are passed on to the citizenry in the form of inflation, the most wicked and hidden tax of all. Ron Paul while in Congress was correct to state that the "M3 is the best description of how quickly the Fed is creating new money and credit. Common sense tells us that a government central bank creating new money out of thin air depreciates the value of each dollar in circulation."

You see the M-3 is the definitive measure for the public to see what exactly is going on in regards to the overall money supply, especially in the realm of creating dollars. Yes, while we “earn” and “borrow (debt)” dollars the FED is the one who created those placeholders of debt. The entire system is founded on and fueled entirely by debt.

If every dollar based debt is paid off the money supply would essentially be nil.

John Williams and team at Shadowstats have been diligently monitoring many aspects of moment within the economy in order to continue to project what is happen in real time and with real numbers. They provide real numbers in contrast to the narrative provided by the FED and the Government. Keep in mind that the FED is not a government organization but instead it is a private group of banks(ers) that were given legal control over the monetary system (dollar) that is the basis of the US economy back in 1913. In other words this private bank consortium was given a legal monopoly which, by definition, is a cartel.

“"John Williams’ Shadow Government Statistics" is an electronic newsletter service that exposes and analyzes flaws in current U.S. government economic data and reporting, as well as in certain private-sector numbers, and provides an assessment of underlying economic and financial conditions, net of financial-market and political hype.” http://www.shadowstats.com/


"The big question: Who is going to bail out whom? -Plunging corporate earnings & household consumption -Government spending skyrocketing -Economy falling to pieces The US government is broke. Increasing money supply won’t fix anything. It’s time to buy gold & sell stocks."- Bill Holter



"Unprecedented. Commercial & Industrial loans just surged at the highest rate in 73 years. This level of government intervention is unparalleled with anything we’ve seen in history. Not to mention: Every previous spike in loans also preceded a recession." – Bill Holter



The Mandrake Mechanism: Everyone should know how the Federal Reserve Works

While everyone should know how the FED works, most do not and most do not even care. They are comfortably numb or better stated, comfortably dumb...There is a cure for this. Just continue reading here and then wake up and dig in and study it for yourself. The title of this section may best be read as "...how the Federal Reserve does not work for your best interest...At all...” I have said it before that this system is usury as per the Bible's definition of usury. It is ungodly and needs to be abolished. But for some reason people are addicted to debt and the temporary satisfaction that it brings them and they do not want to give this up...The drug dealer’s mantra rings sadly true in that “The first one is always free…” As mentioned earlier, this entire process is entirely debt driven. G. Edward Griffin in his book The Creature from Jekyll Island gives a detailed look at how the Federal Reserve actually makes money out of thin air. He called this technique "the Mandrake Mechanism" after Mandrake the Magician from the comics going back to the 1930s. "The entire function of this machine is to convert debt into money. It's just that simple. First, the Fed takes all the government bonds which the public does not buy and writes a check to Congress in exchange for them. (It acquires other debt obligations as well, but government bonds comprise most of its inventory.) There is no money to back up this check. These fiat dollars are created on the spot for that purpose. By calling those bonds "reserves," the Fed then uses them as the base for creating 9 additional dollars for every dollar created for the bonds themselves. The money created for the bonds is spent by the government, whereas the money created on top of those bonds is the source of all the bank loans made to the nation's businesses and individuals. The result of this process is the same as creating money on a printing press, but the illusion is based on an accounting trick rather than a printing trick. The bottom line is that Congress and the banking cartel have entered into a partnership in which the cartel has the privilege of collecting interest on money whi~h it creates out of nothing, a perpetual override on every American dollar that exists in the world. Congress, on the other hand, has access to unlimited funding without having to tell the voters their taxes are being raised through the process of inflation. If you understand this paragraph, you understand the Federal Reserve System." The link below is a simple visual analogy that should help people understand this at a very elementary level how this actually works and why it is not good at all... Duck Tales Inflation Lesson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_LWQQrpSc4

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