• John Hicks

A simple take on what is happening today.

Whether or not this is the one world government spoken of in scriptures is yet to be seen but one thing we can be sure of, this is definitely a way to prep the masses for such a transition.

Since the Fabian path to socialism was failing, even after several severe attempts to push it over the edge, it really looks as if this is THE PUSH to get the flame of socialism to light and burn.

The people in mass have rollen over and let the government shut the economy done which will destroy the economy and thus our way of living. The only path to recovery will be for the governments to rebuild it but with a solid socialistic foundation this time and as well as an overall socialistic framework. Honestly though, the current framework, over the last several decades or more of transitions, already contained a plethora of socialistic components.

Connect the dots going way back.

A similar situation occurred in the "New and Second New Deals" that occured back in the 1930's. Today's socialist thrust no doubt will be harder and with the intent to be more permanent.

Before the "Deals" the real thrust began in 1913. While many citizens in the U.S. are clueless of this date, it was perhaps the date that started the countdown to a future of full blown socialism. With the creation of the Federal Reserve a fundamental component of socialism was implemented and this has been the foundation from which the Fabians of today worked.

Karl Marx noted quite clearly in his "planks" that a central bank was fundamental for Communism so it makes sense in the overall picture of what is transpiring.

Ever wonder how the world would bow to the idea that is present in the Bible in regards to end time prophecy, namely that of a one world government? We are seeing it unfold today before our eyes.

While we ought to be students of history and know better but since we have God's word we are truly without excuse for not pushing back harder. God's word tells us what is going to happen but it does not tell us to sit idly by and do nothing against it.

We are commanded by scriptures to preach the gospel to all men and not conform to the world as we do so.

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