• By John Hicks

Two parties are not better than one...But two alone is not any better either...We're lost either

The two-party system is extremely corrupt in my humble opinion.

If you asked the unborn, they would agree.

Let me explain, so read on…

I am conservative myself but cannot identify fully with either the Republican nor the Libertarians but in some ways, I am closer to the Libertarians.

I will say that I am not close at all to identifying with the left so-called liberals as there is nothing liberal in insisting on fairness without justice across the board. I take a firm stand in defense of the unborn where the left is more inclined to dispose of them for the sake of convenience and under the cloak of maliciousness that is fallaciously termed "healthcare" and "choice". They claim choice when 2/3's of any potential birth situation have no choice at all.

At the core of the so-called liberal ideology is anti-choice as the unjust idea of distribution of wealth is demanded without any consideration to personal liberties and for that matter the overarching economy which has always suffered at the end of all socialized experiments that have played out to their ends (i.e. USSR, Venezuela, ad nauseum...).

For the naysayers who want to paint the Republicans as the good guys let us not forget that the majority of Republican appointed judges were the ones who gave us legalized murder in the form of abortion via Roe V Wade. Even if all Democrat appointed judges voted against abortion RVW would have still passed.

The popular belief today is that it will take a Republican President to appoint the justices needed to turn around Roe v Wade.

Somehow people tend to think that the Democrats gave us legalized abortions.

The fact is Roe v Wade was passed with the votes of five justices who were appointed by Republican presidents.

If they were the only justices to vote in favor of abortion, then it still would have passed!

The Supreme Court decided to legalize the murder of unborn babies by saying it was the Constitutional right of women to have "abortions" by a vote of 7 to 2 back in 1973.

Herein lies the historic slap in the face that proves that the two-party system is a deceptive lie.

After the layers are peeled back it becomes apparent that it is not about Republicans vs Democrats, but it is simply about Republicrats and a two party system that is driving us further into socialism every day.

On the record, these were the Justices who were in the majority on the decision to legalize murder via Roe v Wade:

Harry Blackmun (Wrote the Supreme Court’s final Majority opinion. He was appointed by Republican President Richard Nixon)

Warren E. Burger (appointed by Republican President Richard Nixon)

Lewis Powell (appointed by Republican President Richard Nixon)

William J. Brennan (appointed by Republican President Dwight Eisenhower)

Potter Stewart (appointed by Republican President Dwight Eisenhower)

William O. Douglas (appointed by Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt)

Thurgood Marshall (appointed by Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson)

Five of the 7, in the majority, were appointed by Republican presidents. Even if the two Justices in the majority who we're appointed by Democrats had actually voted against the decision then Roe v Wade would have still passed with a Republican appointed majority.

There have also been other sitting Supreme Courts since Roe v Wade that had the majority of the justices who were appointed by Republican presidents. None of these overturned Roe v Wade.

Christians, the hope for this country's future does not lie in the two party system. Millions of babies have been murdered because we have bought into the lies of Satan and evil men.

It is not until we stop believing that man can fix this and that we realize that as a country we truly have to repent for our selfishly murderous actions and submit ourselves to serving God through Jesus Christ His only begotten Son can we actually see things really turn towards the true protection of the sanctity of life.

God's blessing will not be on this country at all until we repent and turn to Him.

A party is not going to save this country.

Only Jesus can but we need big time true repentance first.

That is the one thing we must do and do so without any reservations.

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