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Conversation with an SDA...

This is a conversation I had recently with a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA).

This SDA is one who militantly pushes the Mosaic law to anyone she comments to.

If anyone saw just the comment this SDA made without the backstory of the context they could agree with her but it really depends on what she means when she says “commandments”. When an SDA says commandments, they are talking about the actual Mosaic law and not God’s moral law.

For those not familiar with SDA, Ellen, who I refer to below, is Ellen G. White, the heretical founder of the dead religion that is SDA. You can do your own research on her but in a nutshell, Ellen twisted scripture to justify obedience to the Mosaic law as being fundamental to salvation.

Here is how the conversation went.

SDA to Me:

you too are in rebellion see Hebrews 4 — they will never enter God’s rest of Canaan (the earth made new) who break His Commandments

Me to the SDA:

et tu? yet another accuser of the brethren, Judaizer at that. You and Paul are at odds with each other on the Law and for that matter you contradict Jesus' finish work as well. He embodied the spirit of the law which you refuse to instead do the opposite and choose to lock yourself in to the law as if circumcision of the flesh was still a sign all the while denying the absolute need to circumcise the heart instead...Shame on you.

Me to the SDA:

where in Hebrews 4 does it say anyone today has to not break the law that Moses provided from God to Israel? The gist of any law ever given by God was in Spirit to Love Him with all our hearts, souls, minds and strengths and to love our neighbors as ourselves. You mishandle scriptures as did Ellen did and that is a shame and damnation to your soul. I pray you turn from your loveless dictates and rest in God truly through your labor for Him. When Hebrews 4 mentions to labor into His rest that has everything to do with "doing to the least of these" and loving God first and foremost in everything we say and do. The law of Moses detracts greatly from the command of Christ which is to spread His gospel of reconciliation. The law of Moses as you and some others preach it is bondage to hell where as the Gospel of Christ is the fulfillment of all of what God was doing through Israel in being a light unto the gentiles (the world). That light has since come into the world but you and others prefer to dim if not put out that light by going back to the law that was in place only to point to that light. You and others prefer to put the curtain back up and separate us from the Father when the Son tore that curtain down so that we could go straight to the Father through Him, not the law, but through Him and Him alone. In a sense you are using the law as a mediator between men and God which God has told us there is no other mediator but Jesus alone. You should see this if you would just step away from man, well in your case woman (Ellen) made doctrines and take God at His Word alone and in context.

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