• By John Hicks

It's synergy...

Never minimize good works within the gospel. The blood of Jesus is the only means of salvation as per Romans 3:25 and the forgiveness that Jesus' blood provides is for "past" sins. It is for this very reason that we continue on in good works or else we can indeed forfeit our salvation by departing from the Living God as warned in Hebrews 3:12. Paul told the church at Philippi to work out their salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12) and for good reason. Our good works are so that others may glorify God (Matthew 5:16) and these good works prove that our faith is not dead (James 2:26). All of scriptures testifies that our relationship with God is a synergistic relationship and not monergistic. A true relationship with our Creator is bidirectional and not unidirectional.

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