• By John Hicks

The Logical conclusion of bad doctrines...

OSAS/Original Sin demands that man is born into this world with a dead spirit. If one was to be "born again" spiritually, in the views of OSAS/Original Sin, then they would be born again as per their original state which was dead.

On the other hand, from the Biblical position, a man is born upright and pure but then wanders later in life into sin but when that man is "born again" spiritually then he is born as per his original state which is upright and pure.

Rethink your position on this if you are grasping to the OSAS/Original Sin lies, or you will die spiritually as per your own doctrinal conclusions, that is if you are honest about the the logical conclusion of your doctrines.

Repent and change your message so that you will stop being the man mentioned in 2 Peter 2 18-19 who speaks great swelling words of vanity and allures others through the lusts of the flesh, through much wantonness and who promises others liberty when there is actual spiritual bondage and death.

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