• By John Hicks


One of the top criticisms I get regarding my choice to homeschool my children is "what about socialization?"

My answer to this is that I do not prefer the institutional version of socialization. I prefer to teach my children to be polite and respectful to everyone of every age and my wife and I give them many opportunities to do so in and out of their schooling.

We are raising adults not children. We are raising children of God not animals.

The list below may seem over the top in order to prove a point but I really could have gone on and on and on with pulling example after example of bad socialization associated with institutional schools. The reason why these are so easy to find in the news is because it really is the norm verses the exception.

Keep in mind also that institutional schools in the US are required to teach evolution which in and of itself encourages children to act (socialize) like animals. I mean, if they are related to the apes through a common ancestor and they are nothing more than cosmic star dust really and with there being no absolute truth then morality is just relative with no absolute standard.

Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him. Proverbs 22:15

So really, children without Godly direction are fools. Institutional schools do not provide Godly direction as the norm.

Institutional schools demand in general age segregation which in turn collects fools (children) of the same age groups together for the majority of their day. They get more social interactions from other fools, I mean children, than from adults. This again this is the norm and not the exception.

One really has to consider one very important thing before they ask "what about socialization?" This is, when in life, after school is over, does one hang out with the same aged person for the better part of everyday? The answer is 'never'. As adults with school behind us, we typically spend our days surrounded by people of all ages.

To assume that socialization is normal in the institutional schools is to assume falsely and in a big way.

One just has to look at the news to see the truth in this.

Here are some examples of institutionalized socialization:

Caught On Camera: At Least 100 Involved In After-School Melee:



East Tennessee schools fight vaping amid health concerns nationwide



Spring Valley High School placed on soft lockdown after fight between students and Fight occurs at Spring Valley High School, pepper spray deployed




WATCH: Video and social media post spark more fights at Central High School, LRSD says



Several students suspended after all-out brawl breaks out at DeSoto High School



Caught on Camera: Fight at OKC middle school injures teacher



Fights at John Marshall Middle School lead to new principal, schedule



‘The Baby Could Have Died’: Pregnant Teen Says She Was Kicked In Stomach During Fight At Upper Darby High School



High school student threatens violence in class, deputies say



BREAKING: Three more juveniles charged in Oswego East High social media threat incident



Student Considers Transferring Schools After Constant Threats Of Violence And Bullying



Pawhuska police investigating after teacher allegedly threatened to kill student



Following violence at football games, local districts to take extra security measures



Think schools are getting safer? Think again



No evidence ‘hardened’ schools are safe from gun violence


Ad nauseum....

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