• By John Hicks

God is sovereign...

God is sovereign and He can and did create sentient beings who can freely choose to either love Him or leave Him.

God is so sovereign that He can leave open enough of the present and future that that choice actually has value. He can do all this without having to micromanage everything as so many insist He must do or He would otherwise lose control. If portions of the future was not left open then many things would have gone drastically different otherwise, this is referring to Biblical history alone.

God is so sovereign that your prayers for change in the future actually mean something.

God is so sovereign that He actually created the scenario and potential for a true bidirectional relationship end to end verses the hardened unidirectional so-called relationship that reformers and many others with the similar mindset embrace, even though many who do so claim otherwise.

The God of the Bible is far more sovereign than the god that is defined by so many today.

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