• By John Hicks

There is a relationship that is more important than being related to a very famous president...

I grew up being told that my Grandfather and Ronald Reagan were cousins. I never really understood the exact relationship until I did a deep dive on my Dad's side of the family a few years ago.

Turns out my Great great grandpa John Charles Wilson is Ronald Reagan's Uncle. John Charles was the brother of Nellie Clyde Wilson, Ronald Reagan's mom.

Please correct me if I am wrong but I believe that makes me first cousins three times removed to the former POTUS?

I am not entirely sure how that cousin deal works out but I am sure that I am the child of the Living God of all creation! That's what really matters!

Ronald Reagan, tried to save a Country and sadly did not succeed seeing where we are today.

Jesus Christ spilt His blood and died so I could be forgiven of my sins. He succeeded in providing for the salvation of my soul! That makes my relationship with Him more valuable than any other!

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