• By John Hicks

More musings from a recovered Calvinist…

I was just reflecting a bit back on how I used to think as a “modified” Calvinist. “Modified” as in I did not outright identify as one but I did accept some of their presuppositions including the notion that God had to predetermine absolutely everything and everyone throughout all of time and that He controls every single movement of everything down to the simplest of particles be it a positron or a quark. Realistically I was more of a Calvinist than anything else in my thought process. In retrospect I blame that on not really thinking during those times...

It really must be that Calvinists are somehow inherently insecure in their own struggle with feeling like they have to micromanage every aspect of their own lives and even the lives of those around them in order to have to so feverishly insist that God has to do this exact same thing or else somehow His sovereignty would be in jeopardy.

Truthfully this is how I felt at one time so my conclusion here may be a bit anecdotal but I sense it may actually be more of a reality than what most would want to admit. It is as if the God of all creation cannot magnify His own sovereignty by allowing the crown jewel of His creation to actually have a will that is free and that can make decisions without His constant manipulation.

In reality God is more than powerful enough and He is quite capable of maintaining control of His plan for mankind even if we cannot control everything around our own selves.

Our shortcomings do not have to be projected upon His sovereignty in order to make Him any more God than He already is.

He is God almighty and He wanted to have a creation that truly loved Him freely and He certainly did just that.

Of course it genuinely grieves His heart seeing that the majority of mankind have already rejected Him and more so will in the future as well. These all have by their own volition rejected God’s amazing and freely offered gift of salvation that provides access to eternal life with Him in righteousness and glory. It is the few that do receive it that brings Him much joy!

You cannot call a decision to love that was made with coercion at any point from end to end in any relationship truly love. Just because Mankind has shown that we cannot do this ourselves does not mean that God cannot do this.

We were created in His image and thus we are creators as well, in a sense. The current trend of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has spawned a sickening sidebar technology of “love dolls”. This deviation and all of A.I. in general has shown that we can come close to the real thing, well kind of, but no one is going to seriously admit that this programed “love” is truly reciprocal. If you do then you are truly a sick person.

The point I am making here is that the need many today have to micromanage things is not something that God is concerned about. His desire was and still is that of giving man a will to choose freely who we love and serve, even if it is not Him.

Where we fail in the creative process, in creating things that can truly choose to love us, God has magnificently succeeded. He is God after all so if you are limiting Him in this fundamental area then you are doing Him a disservice in regards to accurately communicating to others the reality of God's true identity. In essence you are taking His name in vain by misrepresent who He truly is. You can freely choose to stop this insanity, if this is how you see things, or maybe you can't, the choice is yours, or maybe it's not. Whatever, just repent and get your head back on straight, the way God created you and start loving Him freely. He desires this from all of us.

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