• John Hicks

Calvinism's sinister dark side

Calvinism and Harry Potter have a very sinister similarity... First of all, stay away, far away from Harry Potter and anything else related to the so-called magic or magic arts. The source of both black and white magic in Harry Potter are one in the same. Trust me on this, you don't need to read that garbage to know this, it's pretty well known and often discussed in various circles. In Calvinism both sin and righteousness come from the same source as well. They claim that God is the source of both in that he created both. Call it authored, preordained, predestined, decreed, created or whatever, to the Calvinist, who is honest about their theology, sin originated with God as does righteousness. This is the sinister link between magic and Calvinism, they both are identical in their presuppositions regarding the sources of so-called good and evil. While Christians clearly should remain far away from anything related to magic they should equally have nothing at all to do with Calvinism. 

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