• By John Hicks

Do you believe that God wants the USA to have a wall???

I realize why people are up in arms over wanting a wall built but be careful in citing the Bible as justification. When people do so they do so incorrectly.

Hear me out on this.

Yes, God has a wall around heaven and yes He commanded that a wall be built around the city that He claimed as His own here on earth, Jerusalem.

Those walls were built under God's blessing.

But there are walls that He also commanded to be destroyed.

Walls of cities that are cursed namely Jericho.

People need to keep this in mind and not use scriptures out of context for what they desire.

America is cursed of God in that she has legalized the murder of her babies. This is no different than those who offered theirs on the altars of false gods in days gone by. We see that clearly in scriptures as well.

If you insist that God wants a wall to protect the things within this country then you would not have His Word on your side. That should matter a lot to everyone who claim Him as their Father.

People have accused me of siding with the modern day liberals on this issue but this is not so as I choose to side with Lord on this issue regarding a wall just as Joshua did with Jericho...

I understand why people want a wall under the notion of protecting our children but it seems sadly ironic that if we do so we are also protecting those who are killing our babies already.

This is not good sound biblical logic by any stretch of the imagination...

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