• By John Hicks

That life in the womb is not the mother's.

Since the SCOTUS decided to weigh in on the issue in 1973, out of their jurisdiction mind you, it became an issue that all citizens have a say in and not just women. Conscription, which is an illogical idea for a supposed free country, and which absolutely affects men's bodies, is something that women have a say in as it is a legal matter especially when Jimmy Carter decided to resurrect that liberty limiting idea in 1980. Feminists and others consistently approach the issue of child murder with misinformation, lack of logic and heightened selfish emotion all within the false notion that the ends justify the means. Ending someone else's life for selfish and/or for future concerns that no one can actually determine is not justice. Folks are adamantly and fervently hell bent on snuffing out lives for convenience sake whether their own convenience or, in some morbid twisted way, for the baby's. This is shamefully selfish and evil to it's core and no redefining of words can mask this atrocious and murderous movement! It's not abortion, it's murder. It's not a fetus, it's a unique living human being. It's not healthcare, it's assisted murder. It's not pro-choice, it's pro-murder. It's not responsible, it's selfish. It may be legal but it's not morally right. Shame on all who take part in supporting the evil process of baby murder!

#abortion #murder #conscription

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