• John Hicks

They kicked the Creator out first...

Before prayer and the Bible were essentially kicked out of the public schools the Creator was already not allowed in. Evolution was already gaining popularity and acceptance by many so-called educators by the late 1800's. Evolution was essentially the defacto agenda replacing Creation well before prayer was targeted. Once the Creator, all mighty God, was removed then the enemy had no problem with getting rid of prayer in 60's. People today look at the Creation and Evolution struggle as being somewhat a non-essential issue and those who do so are dead wrong. Evolution has justified much sin and depravity in our country and this world so much so that now true Christians are labeled as hateful and the selfishly confused folks who insist on being genders other than what they were born (created) with are considered heroes. Evolution has also given people immoral and misplaced justification in ascribing a value system for life and thus it has paved the road to millions of murders of the unborn. Shame on all who have taken no stand on this issue or have taken a back seat in the fight and assuming that this is not their responsibility. Shame on anyone who professes to be a Christian and yet denies that God created everything in the manner that He said He did! Shame on our country for allowing tax dollars to support this ungodly agenda! Shame! 

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