• By John Hicks


My name is John and I am an addict.

After the first one my friends said that was enough but I had to have more.

The second one happened so fast but my friends said there was still a chance to quit.

I had to have more so two more seemed like it would do no harm.

I was still able to take on more so I went for another and then another.

My friends were scared thinking this has to stop. They said this was too much.

Truthfully I would keep on going if the Lord would give me the strength to do so.

My name is John and I am content and happy to say that I am addicted to taking in little ones in order to give them a home when their previous homes were dangerous and godless.

I am addicted to fostering and adopting children and I pray that I never recover.

Sad that I have had so many people react to me in a way where I may as well have been addicted to some illicit drug.

Taking in children is worth it all. God gave us His all when He adopted us so it makes sense to do the same in return.

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