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The list of inaccurate analogies used to supposedly support false doctrines such as "once saved always saved" had one more addition added recently. Can you help add to this list? The most commonly abused and misused analogy as I have seen through the years is the one regarding a gift. Yes we should know that salvation is a gift (Romans 6:23, Ephesians 2:8 and more) but when used during sermons more often than not the spirit of John Calvin's doctrine dictates the definition of how gifts work verses how they work in reality. John Calvin would have us believe that this gift is given but it can never be given back or rejected once it was received. That is not at all how a gift works. A gift can be received and kept or rejected outright but received later. A gift can also be received and then rejected afterwards. A gift is not really a gift if someone is forced to keep it. So many people falsely believe that is the case though, they insist that the gift of salvation cannot be rejected once it was accepted. I thought this one was never going to be beaten but just recently a pastor said that natural parents can disown their children but it's an "impossibility for adoptive parents to disown their children". Hopefully I don't have explain how wrong this statement is. While natural parents can disown their bio-children the same potential is true for adoptive parents. It is more likely though that the children would be the ones that would want to leave their parents as seen in the case of the prodigal son. So please provide any other examples of twisted analogies used to prop up false doctrines.

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