• John Hicks

DIY plumbing...

Thank goodness my wife learned good plumbing skills from her uncle when she was younger and the fact that she is just plain gorgeous, talented and extremely resourceful!

We found that our outside corner of the house's faucet had a significant leak about two feet underground. Water was coming out at a high rate and the entire area was flooded which extended out into the front yard. I wish I had a better before picture of the entire area but let's just say the area had no real landscaping just yet as we had fairly recently moved into the house. It was mainly dirt and some weeds that came in quick thanks to the help from the flooding.

We did get a close up before pic of the actual faucet and where the leak was for the most part. 

In the bottom left corner of the picture above you can see the gas main. We definitely didn't want to be doing any soldering with it being so close. We turned the gas off to the house anyways...

And then there was this shut off valve that was buried, corroded and essentially rusted and not at all functional. And there were several connectors and other signs that there had been some repairs done in the past. We figured that the puncture this time was likely to someone pushing or stepping on the spickect causing it to get jammed by a rock which there were many packed around the piping. We really are not sure about that.

The original setup was not something we were happy with in the first place so this emergency turned into a blessing. 

Evil and good certainly do run on parallel tracks... 

We wanted something that was closer to the garage and more easily accessible in general. My beautiful wife made the design and wisely raised the new spickect a couple of feet off the ground. 

I did some of the digging but she did all the technical stuff...

I have to praise Jesus for such an amazing helpmeet!

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