• By John Hicks

A Texan reckons for a brighter future?

Discuss amongst yourselves... For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. Romans 8:18 Of course Paul is not a Texan, he is a follower of our Lord Jesus Christ. Texas as it is called today did not exist under this name during the time that Paul lived.

Paul made this very clear in his writings that he was a Jew born in a Roman city and thus he was born a Jewish Roman and then he was born again as a Christian once all was said and done. This is who he actually was. This for me begs the question as to why some want to insist that Jesus was a Baptist. They insist that he literally belonged, if you will, to the modern day Baptist denomination but they do not do so with good logic instead they do so based on fallacious conclusions. They say that Jesus baptized as did His cousin John, whom the scriptures actually calls the Baptist. To be contextually honest the scriptures reference him as Baptist not at all in light of the modern day denominational sense but instead it simply identified him as such because he was known for his ministry of baptism. Nothing more and nothing less. Yes Jesus baptized, so did Paul, and so did Phillip and Peter. I am certain that many others mentioned in scriptures baptized as well only they were not specifically mentioned in this context directly. The point is, they were all being obedient to what we all have been called to do by our Lord Jesus Christ. None of these were called Baptists. To that point, even John, who is called the Baptist in scriptures never referred to himself directly as a Baptist in scriptures. To say that anyone who came before the actual creation of the modern day Baptist denomination was an actual member of that denomination is actually making a logical fallacy in that false conclusions are being made based on actual scriptural context. Many other modern denominations baptize but they go by different labels. Some flavors within the prosperity movement such as some Pentecostals claim that they heal people. Jesus, Paul, Peter and others healed people according to scriptures. Based on the logic that some have as mentioned above then wouldn't Jesus be a Pentecostal perhaps and not a Baptist? Of course not as that is making a false conclusion as well. Jesus is, simply put, not a Baptist nor a Pentecostal or any other denomination but instead He is Lord and Saviour and the Head of His Church. His Church or Bride, as mentioned in scriptures, did not have a denominational name but instead it was simply referred to as His.

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