• By John Hicks

History, this is how I see it...

It would be nice to have history presented without commentary.

Just the events noted.

No emotive language, just the events.

I took an American History class at St. Edward's University and the approach was interesting. The only historical documents used for the class were letters written by lower to middle class citizens.

The only gotcha was, it was obvious that whoever collected the material for the class held a left-leaning worldview as did the instructor.

On one occasion a letter from one individual used their neighbor as a stereotype to classify how all Christians conduct themselves. This so-called Christian beat their slaves on a regular basis. The professor actually agreed with the letter writer and said this was a good example as to why Christianity was bad.

I called the professor out on this by citing verses from the Bible that clearly contradicted her conclusion and demonstrated that this behavior was not indicative at all as to what a Christian looked like.

How I got an 'A' in the class was only by the grace of God and the fact that her husband was my Capstone professor and apparently he really liked me even though he and I also did not see eye to eye.

Sad but its more than the materials used to tell history but it is really those who are interpreting them that cause such muddying of the historical waters.

If people were honest about their presuppositions in regards to their worldview then perhaps they can understand why folks may not agree with their conclusions.

Note: do not be fooled that all worldviews are correct. The law of noncontradiction makes this point certain. You should check your own worldview. Does it stand up when tested to the end? If not, then check Christianity for yourself. Start with reading the book of John in the Bible and then go from there...

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