• John Hicks

List of actual Oxymorons but some of you will most likely not like them all...

Not liking something that is otherwise true is called being arbitrary. This means you are not being rationally realistic in your opinion. One is always entitled to their opinions but it does not always qualify them as being logical...

Anyways, moving forward to the list...

This is a work in progress. Feel free to offer any suggestions.

  • Military Intelligence

  • Government Intelligence

  • Bureaucratic Efficiency

  • Christian Rap

  • Continuing Resolution

  • Defensive Strike

  • Christian Rock

  • Evolutionary Science

  • Deficit Spending

  • Fight Violence

  • Christian Metal

  • Fighting for Peace

  • Friendly Fire

  • Unconditional Covenant

  • Liberal Tolerance

  • Humane War

  • Christian Hip-Hop

  • Partial Cease-Fire

  • Christian country music

  • Partially pregnant (see also partial birth abortion)

  • Peace Force

  • Christian Pop

  • War for Peace

  • Peacekeeping Force

  • Christian Punk

  • Political Correctness

  • Christian Blues

  • United States

  • Modern Gospel

  • Contemporary worship music

  • Contemporary Christian Music

  • Contemporary Christian

  • L or B or G or T or Q Christian

  • Backslidden Christian

  • Lukewarm Christian

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