• By John Hicks

Why do we need to learn math?

The simple answer is, it gives us an insight into the mind of God.

Wait…that is not so simple.

Actually it is. Let me explain.

Today I was teaching my two middle children on how to add fractions.

I noticed they were looking glassy eyed if not a bit bored.

It seems I saw a stifled yawn perhaps.

That is when I decided it was time to give them the WIIFM speech regarding Math.

WIIFM, What’s in it for me really?

I asked them if 4 plus 3 is always 7.

They replied in the affirmative.

I explained to them that this is truly the case.

No matter when or where you come across 4 plus 3 you will always see them provide 7 for an answer.

Math is always dependable like this. It is perfect and never fails.

I asked them if I was perfect.

They sadly answered very quickly with a confident “no”. Actually that was the answer I fully expected.

I explained to them that while I desire for them to know that they can always count on me I may fail them in one way or another.

I asked them if they knew someone who was perfect and would never fail them.

They very quickly responded with a resounding “GOD!”.

I told them that they were absolutely correct and Math is one of the few things that we can experience that will never fail us.

Math is abstract in the sense that you cannot actually see it or feel it other than the numbers that we can read that represent the abstract.

God is exactly like this.

We cannot see or touch Him but we do have His words, the Bible, that tells us exactly who He is.

We can be sure that math is from the very mind of God.

There is no doubt that math existed even prior to God’s creation of the universe.

When we learn math we get a glimpse into the mind of God.

How is that not cool?

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