Young Living believes in inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance, and because of this they take every opportunity to better their products and ensure the highest quality control from "Seed to Seal", this is why Young Living is one of the first and finest therapeutic-grade essential oil companies on the market.

Our Vision

 "Our vision through this company is to enhance and nourish every aspect of your health and wellness through one of the Creators many masterpieces." - John Hicks

What are the                  "Essential oil's"?

We believe that God created the plant's, flower's and tree's with the ability to help mankind in various ways.

  These "Essential oil's" contain the individual plant oil in the purest form, from rose to cypress, to frankincense  and myrrh. 

  Young Living also provides mixtures of different oils for a more enhanced life experience.

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How I started .1.

"I was in my twenties when a man showed me the aromatherapy part of young living oils, at first I thought it was some old hippie stuff and he was not well informed either he just liked the smell..."

— Paula Hicks —

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