Tommy- "Mom! Billy took my toy!!!" Billy- "No I didn’t! Mommy it was my toy! I just took my toy back! I rescued it!" *End scene You’ve probably all been there...or seen it. Some of you may even have been the detective on one of these cases. What we learn is that there are three sides to a story. What Billy sees, what Tommy sees, and what really happened. This is called perspective. Everyone has a perspective and it is our task to understand others perspectives as wel


Why is Tact necessary in a leader and what does it look like? The reason I choose tact as my subject is because I see it as an underlying foundation for influence, but how does that relate to leadership? Leadership involves getting people to move, and getting those people to move requires influence, and a prerequisite for influence is communication, and tact is the hinge on which good communication swings. Tact as stated so simply by Harry Truman “Tact is the ability to step