"...clothe not your own house with the appearance of a new brothel."

Do you ever wonder where Christmas lights and decorations have their origins? "Why, on the day of gladness, do we neither cover our door-posts with laurels, nor intrude upon the day with lamps? It is a proper thing, at the call of a public festivity, to dress your house up like some new brothel... They are there of course, not because they are an honor to God, but to him who is honor in God's stead by ceremonial observances of that kind, so far as is manifest, saving the rel

Nothing but the what???

What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the birth of Jesus. Wait...that's not right. Let me try that again. What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the resurrection of Jesus. Wait...that's not right either. One more time. I know this is right... What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. Yeah, that's right. With all the man-made holidays out there, if one doesn't participate they are pretty much branded as a heretic. This is sad because we were n

What was that "day" we were supposed to remember???

Sadly even Hallmark joins professing Christians in watering down that special day that the Lord hath made for our salvation. I took this picture at Walmart while picking out a card for my daughter’s birthday. Hear me out first before condemning or criticizing me on why I do not celebrate Christmas. Better yet, hear the scriptures out as to why this day should not be celebrated. Because first of all doing so is not a command from God but there is a command from God that is ove