Who Are We?

K.U.W.L (Keeping yoU Well Longer) Is our acronym but it also is a Hebrew word meaning "To Nourish".

And that is our goal here; we wish to encourage and arm you with knowledge and resources, helpful tips, biblical insights, and connect you to a community of fellow believers who are dedicated to a Godly lifestyle.

"Now therefore fear ye not: I will nourish (kuwl) you, and your little ones. And he comforted them, and spake kindly unto them."

 - Genesis 50:21

As our Saviour so are we.

In Mark 10:44 Jesus tells us that His purposes here on earth was to minister unto us and to provide the sacrifice needed to redeem us.

The sacrifice has been paid but we are still able to minister to others, following our saviour's footprints the best we can with our Fathers help.

The Hicks family from left to right:

Boaz, Marina & her husband Benjamin Cahill, Faith, Elizabeth, Paula (mom), John (Dad), Elijah, Shalem, and Zachary.

And not shown in the photo is Hezekiah, our soon to be youngest son and brother! 

Meet The Hicks

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The lovely wife of John Hicks (married 22 years)  and mother of eight children.


  She is a full time teacher, baker, counselor, wellness adviser, organizer...

 In short, she is a homemaker.


  When she is not instructing her five children still in school, she is a distributor for Shaklee, Young Living and Plexus.


She ultimately desires to see people thrive with these products just as her children have.

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Sight Developer


Zach graduated from the A.L.E.R.T. Academy in 2016, he specialized in diving, Leadership, land maintenance and emergency response and is now working as a Divemaster and maintenance technician  in Pensacola, FL.


Along with diving Zach is also the VP of public relations for the local Toastmasters group.

He wants to see his father and mother be able to articulate their message on a well designed web platform.